Anti-Semitism in the Labour Party

So, the right wing media are concerned about anti Semitism in the Labour Party, and at first glance, it could be a valid question. But only in a knee jerk responsiveness sort of way. However, the right wing media are quite brilliant at turning such instant, unthinking reactions into a long played out narrative. Naz […]

Ian Duncan Smith

He has gone, and the Tory party are in shock and bemusement. Me, I am in a fantastic mood. There are, of course, numerous interpretations of his actions and all inevitably shaped by ones own point of view and political agenda. In truth, its probably a combination of all those factors being mulled over by […]

Steve McClaren

I have been a fan of Newcastle United for all my life. Part of the reason I have no belief in God, is because I have had unmerited faith in NUFC all that time, and I have only room for one hopeless cause in my life. It is a given that Mike Ashley has broken […]


It is genuinely beyond me that this is still a matter for debate. Seriously, why are we looking to renew? Strategically, the weapons system is redundant. Even during the Cold War, the UK’s nuclear deterrent was dwarfed by both the USA and USSR. In a game of military bluff, we were still waiting to throw […]