Farage. And Other bad news. Old Draft I intended publishing in 2016

As I start writing this, the polls havent closed yet, but to some extent the result is almost irrelevant to what I wish to discuss.

Following this EU Referendum campaign, I have never felt so desolate at the state of UK politics: or indeed the mindset of the public at large. I will never understand why Cameron ever took us down this path: it was only ever going to be a subject that tore the Conservative Party apart, and therefore seal his own squalid legacy: but in fact it has managed to rip apart the country as a whole.

Cameron was outfoxed by the most depicable man to ever enter mainstream UK politics in my lifetime: Nigel Farage. One has to have more than a passing, grudging admiration for his manipulation of a debate to his own ends. This is a man who has failed every time he has tried to gain election to Westminster, but he has managed to get us all to dance to his tume: Race and Immigration. UKIP have achieved nothing: Farage has achieved everything.

And we are all responsible, particularly those of us on the Left: we were so sure that he wouldnt gain traction, that our faith in our fellow countrymen to be sensible, fair and moral, would win the day. So we stood back, and allowed him to monopolise the stage. We were disparaging about the genuine questions that the ordinary voter had about immigration: self assuredly giggling about the  Little Englanders and the Xenophobic. We gave them no option but to be listened to by the likes of Farage, the Daily Mail, Britain First. The reactionaries in our midst were given a blank cheque to prey on genuine concerns, and trade them up to a situation where many immigrants now run scared. And now the working class vote is deserting us.

And we were wrong, we are being spanked for it as I write, just one week after one of Parliaments, let alone Labours, brightest stars was murdered in her constituency.